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Hi Y'all,

Welcome to "All about Love''. This is our first time together and I will like to let you know what this column will be all about.

Here I will be bringing you, basic tips about relationshipshow to make your relationship thrive and all that, what's more, I will also bring you stories about lovewe can all learn from or even trending stories.

For this edition, I will just kick-start our brains in this direction by talking about communication in our relationships and how about it is. Why is giving your partner the opportunity to talk to you very important, yes it is!

A lot of marriages and courtships are broken down today due to lack of adequate communication between couples. Some do not know how to communicate. Others are too busy to communicate, or afraid to reach out to each other.


Communication enables the couple to grow into oneness; when you stop to communicate, you disintegrate; you stop to grow. In communicating you share your love, ideas, opinions, plans, feelings, fears, problems, successes and failuresMost people will rather talk to their friends than talk to their spouse.


One thing that is important in communication between is listening and not being too defensive or judgemental.
One of the most important communication skills is listening. Deep, positive relationships can only be developed by listening to each other. So if there is no communication in your relationship it may be due to the fact that there was no one truly listening while both of you were just trying to get a point across.
Here are the most common listening mistakes couples make:

Daydreaming or thinking of something else while another person is speaking
Thinking of what to say next
Judging what the other person is saying
Listening with a specific goal/outcome in mind


But active listening is so much more than not talking. It is an art which requires a genuine interest in the other person, a curiosity rather than an anticipative mind.
Always show your attention
Make sure you pay attention to your partner, not your own thoughts
No judgments as well.

Shidoo Tarkaa is an on-air personality/actress and writer amongst other things. I am a social enthusiast and I love topics about love and relationships. Right now I share my time between work and more learning.


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