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The Sensual Adventure of an Abuja babe: Natasha enters the room to find Dickson massaging his manhood, his eyes closed. Cynthia follows Natasha, still asking what the problem is.


Natasha Peter is weak, really weak and exhausted from the marathon two-some she’d had with Dickson. Cynthia is equally weak, still lying naked beside Natasha in an unmade bed. Dickson is more or less a dead man lying at the edge of the bed, his left leg on the floor. It is just 3A.M. in the morning. Natasha’s phone had rung over 27 times without response.


Finally, Dickson’s piggy snore wakes Cynthia up, and she stands angrily to wake him up. He turns but goes further on the floor with only his right hand hanging on the bed. Cynthia pushes the hand off the bed and down the floor.


Natasha’s phone rings again, Cynthia notices and stares at the screen for a while. The caller ID is GM. She wants to pick but hesitates. Then she decides to wake Natasha up. The line drops by the time Natasha says hello.
“Could he still be waiting for you?” asked Cynthia. “By this time?”
Natasha only stares at the man on the floor and then smiles.
“Call him.”
“Who?” asks Natasha.
“Your caller.”
“He might be home, I don’t want any problem with his wife.”
“But he just called you some minutes ago. If it weren’t convenient for him to talk he wouldn’t have called you by this time,” Cynthia said and goes to the fridge for a glass of water.
“Get me some.”
“Call Mr. Dakwoi.”
Without a word, Natasha redials GM’s number. It is picked.
“I am so sorry,” she said into the phone.
“It’s OK,” the voice from the other end said. “Just come over to the hotel now.”
Natasha sighs. “It doesn’t sound like him,” She says.
“What did he say?”
“He said just come to the hotel now.”
Cynthia laughs hysterically. “The Viagra is really working on him. That’s why his voice changed. He needs you, baby.”
“I can’t do anything again today,” Natasha said. “I will give it to him tomorrow”.
“No, babe,” Cynthia hands her the water. “That thing can kill if…just go, just to relieve him. You know he is a quick ejaculator.”
“That’s what I hate about him.”
Natasha stares at Dickson again.


 “Don’t worry, I will handle this one. Go quickly before he wakes up.”

The phone rings again, and she shouts on the phone. “I am coming, ah!”

“Easy,” Cynthia says to Natasha. Dickson wakes up and asks what was going on. He was only on boxers and Cynthia notices the swell in front of it as he turns over. She points to it and Natasha laughs.

“Now, both of you are getting me horny again so soon,” Says Natasha, standing up. Then she picks her clothes and then her car key. Dickson stares at her and his eyes say it all. Where the hell do you think you are going to? He doesn’t get the chance to say it when Cynthia descends on him. She goes straight to his erotic spots - his earlobes and begins to lick it passionately. Natasha looks back and winks, then she goes out of the door, by which time Dickson is already moaning with pleasure.


Dickson, the son of a dick, she says to no one in particular as she bangs the door behind her. She stands outside, indecisive for over ten minutes before finally kick-starting her car. Her phone rings again. Angrily she speaks into the phone telling the caller to calm down and also ask if his dick would break if she doesn’t get there at all.  The caller responds that she doesn’t need to come to the hotel any more, that she can meet them at Wuse Zone 4 Police station.

“Sorry, I don’t get you, Mr. Dakwoi. I said I am on my way, what’s….” the voice on the other side interrupts her and speaks now firmly and a bit harshly. “Madam, I am not Mr. Dakwoi. But he left a note for you before he died, you can meet us at the Police Station, Zone 4…hello….hello….”


Natasha cuts off the phone and begins to shiver. She rushes out of the car and dashes back into the room. The door is locked and she hits it so hard it echoed. A naked Cynthia opens the door and Natasha rushes inside. “What’s wrong, babe?”

Natasha enters the room to find Dickson massaging his manhood, his eyes closed. Cynthia follows Natasha, still asking what the problem is.

“Get me brandy,” she demands, and Cynthia gets her a glass full. She gulps half of it at once. The effect is fast on her, and she soon starts to laugh hysterically again. Cynthia takes a glass too but only sips. Dickson asks to be served.
“OK,” said Natasha as she pulls of her top, her bra-less body pushes directly into Dickson’s face. “Here comes your brandy, suck.”


Dickson plunges his mouth in Natasha’s nipples and his hands squeezed Cynthia’s breasts who had bent and now sucking his balls. Just as Natasha is asking to be penetrated, his phone rings and he sees it is a call from the Managing Director of his office. The two ladies won’t allow him to pick, he begs and forces his way to answer the call when it rings for the fourth time.


Natasha changes position, backs him and sits on his manhood after forcing it into her. She is grinding when Dickson screams “what! Oh my God…”

“Wow!” Cynthia screams too. “Fire on baby, he is enjoying it….”

“Get down” Dickson shouts at both of them. But they won’t let him go. Natasha is moaning with passion and is about to cum.

“GM is dead!” Dickson shouts as he is ejaculating. Natasha is enjoying herself, but Cynthia goes off and stands naked, watching Dickson push Natasha away.
“What did you say?”
Dickson, breathing high, stares up at Cynthia and says soberly, “Mr. Dakwoi is dead.”

Natasha collapses on the bed. Cynthia laughs and says, “Is that what you now say during orgasm?”
Natasha is either crying or laughing, the sound is not definite.

-----------------TO BE CONT'D------------

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