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The Sensual Adventure of an Abuja babe:He begins to rub his hand on her thigh as he parks the car. His hand moves deeper into her short skirt...


Natasha is no longer afraid of any charge. She has no case against her, her new Police friend has assured, based on her story. She was not in any way responsible for Mr. Dakwoi’s death. Who had asked GM to swallow sex performance pills before seeing the “exhibit” on which to try it? And who had a proof she had been sleeping with a married man? Whose grown-up daughter doesn’t, by the way? Moreover, she has an alibi, a strong one at that. And either the policeman helps her or not, she doesn’t bother. She has even made up her mind on seeking further help in order not to be intimidated by anyone, not even the Inspector who is now sleeping with her in the name of covering her ass. Who says she doesn’t want her ass seen by all? Of course, the cop is covering her ass so only he could keep enjoying it at the cheap hotel room in Kubwa, which Natasha strongly believes was given to him for free by the manager of the hotel, maybe for some favour to protect the Call girls in that part of the Federal Capital Territory.


They are now together. This would be the 3rd and definitely the last with him. She thinks all this as she sits beside his official car which only drove to private places than official. It never occurred to her the first day that the cop could be so obsessed with sex. At first, she was happy that she got somebody who could satisfy her in bed. Little did she know that his big dick would have any effect on her. The size, the vigour and even anger with which his “rod” penetrates her only leaves her wondering if the policeman just left the prison yard. She liked it anyway, at first, but not anymore. The length is scary, and it was as if when it got into her, it gained more length. Last time they had sex, it was almost touching her womb. Haba, Oga dan-sanda! It was somewhat painful….but sweet also, for the fact that it didn’t vomit his semen inside her.

“What are you thinking?” he asks her as they approach the last turn before the hotel.
“what about me? I am too handsome?” she makes a hiss and turns away. “Yes, and your ugly over-sized dick.”

He laughs and slaps her lightly on the lap. “Don’t you like it?”
“You should be using it to fight Boko Haram, shit!
“What do you mean?”
“It’s more of a weapon than…”
“Shut up.” He shouts and she shivers. Then he says, “I guess you want to go to jail, right?”
“Yes, please drop me.”
“What?” He speeds up the car.
“I will scream if you don’t drop me at the count of 5; 1….2….3….”

She opens the door and he grabs her hand. “What is wrong with you, you want to die?”
“Yes, I want to die. I better be killed by something else, than your deadly dick. Don’t you have a heart?”
“But I thought you said you like the size?”
“That was before you tried to scatter my womb with it. Must you deep the whole length of it inside me?”
“OK. I am sorry.”
“Drop me now.” She screams but he keeps accelerating until he speedily enters the already opening gate of the hotel. She stares at him one more time.
“Please, don’t create a scene.”
“I will.”
“But why? We both agree to do this.” His voice was now sober.
“Once, just the first time. But now we are going for the 3rd, in this dirty hotel.”
“What’s your real problem, the hotel, my dick or how many times we have done it?”
“All… plus one. You are exploiting the situation to sleep with me. And you are actually doing it because you thought I am scared of going to jail. But you are wrong. That’s why I am not doing anything with you today.”
“No, baby, not like that…anyway, we will talk about that later. Let’s just go in first.”


He begins to rub his hand on her thigh as he parks the car. His hand moves deeper into her short skirt, she turns away and says, “Because I confided in you that I find it difficult to control my sexual urge, you now think by just touching me I will be aroused and then follow you to your abattoir to be slaughtered by a long, sharp, unprotected dick?”
“Oh my God…this girl dey mad o,” he said folding his hands. “So you can talk to me anyhow right. OK,  I am taking you to the station right away….no more sex, and by the time you spend the rest of your life in Kuje Prison, you’d look for the long dick, you won’t even find a short one….stupid, bastard, nonentity, shegiya, karuwa,…nonsense.”


He kick-starts the car, reverses and heads towards the gate.

Natasha is now in tears. He notices and stops at the gate. The gateman comes closer and peeps into the window.
“Officer, any problem?”
“Your father, get out!” the inspector screams at the gateman. Gate man apologizes and opens the door wide. The Police gets angrier, brings out his head from the window and shouts at the gateman, “Who says you should open the gate?” The gateman only frowns and rushes to open the door.
“Ain’t we going out…to the station again?”
“I am the Station….anywhere I am is the station. ”
“OK. So where is your cell?” Natasha asks, almost amused.
He points back to the hotel room. “Please, I have to file your report there….”
“Full report or half report?”
“Full,” he says, but suddenly remembers what she meant. “Nooooo, half….even, a quarter self I don’t mind.”
“You are stupid,” Natasha says and pushes the door open. She comes down quickly while the Officer tries to hold her back to no avail. She goes around the car amidst his shouting and struggles with the car. She goes into the hotel and stands in the room they had used the previous time. The cop is right behind her with the speed with which he once chased an Okada rider in Gwarinpa estate.

Her short skirt is down by the time he gets to her. He says nothing, only smiling sheepishly from ear to ear. He fumbles with the key until the door gives way. She holds her pant and skirt in her hand and gives way for the policeman to enter the room.

“Undress,” She says to him, and then she tries to unbutton her top. She shows her well-shaven private part to get him salivating. She could see his organ already rising and she begins to imagine it in its full length and how this would enter into her and almost come out of her anus.
“Don’t rush, take your shower…I want to start by sucking you passionately.”
Yauwa…yauwa…” he says and rushes into the bathroom.


He spends only five minutes in the bathroom and hurriedly comes out to meet his clothes, phone and Natasha missing in the room. The intercom is off while the door is locked from the outside.
He slums on the bed and screams, “Wayo Allahna mutu…I am dead!” Natasha is gone.
--------------------------TO BE CONT'D------------------

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