Uche Ogbodo Releases Nude Photos to Celebrate Her Birthday

  • Post By Emdee David 12:08pm on Friday 17th May 2019

Each year, Uche Ogbodo has something unique and "crazy" to celebrate with. Last year, it was a time she featured as the Cover of RAINBOW magazine....

By Emdee David



It is another day of celebration for Nollywood star, Uche Ogbodo, The Goddess, as she is popularly called. 

Last year, she graced the COVER of Rainbow Magazine as the Cover Girl, during her birthday.

This year, she wows the world with clear, sexy,  tantalizing and daring nude photos as she marks another year of her life. 

The screen goddess is strong, daring, courageous, and ever pressing forward with her brand and career. At a time when there are several cases of suicide by teenagers and adults due to depression caused by situations they found themselves, Uche says she's not afraid to fail.

She puts it poetically this way:

"I didn't choose this Life, this Life Chose me. 
I didn't Choose to Be Born without a Silver Spoon, the option wasn't given to me.

I never chose to be born in Poverty, To Grow Up in the Ghetto, To Drop Out of School, I just Found myself there.

I Didn't Choose to be A STAR, although I Knew I was Special, My Parents knew it too Until Nollywood Chose me.

I always Dreamt and prayed for Love, for a Real Man a husband, for A happy Family, But Single MOTHERHOOD Chose.

They All Chose ME without My Permission!.
The Only Choice I have Is In Choosing Who I want ME to BE, A GODDESS. 🍂

So Before you criticize me, PRAY for me, I need My Strength, Your Strength, and Devine Strength.

Becos this woman Right here has seen the good, the bad and the Ugly...But I Survived.

A Goddess is not Afraid to Fail. For no matter how many times life knocks me down, I will get right Up.

For I have what it takes, FIERCE, SIMPLE, CRAZY, SMART, STRONG, hehehe to Rewrite My STORY...

The Nollywood actor is grateful to God for her life and wants her fans and Nigerians as a whole to celebrate with her.


Happy Birthday, Uche Ogbodo, the GODDESS!




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