The Sexcapade Of Natasha - 19

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The intrique continues as Natasha gets a proposal to get a pastor...but

By Emdee David


Natasha can’t believe her eyes. Ken is fully on his knees, with sanctimonious tears, asking her to marry him. Her immediate response is that of laughter and then, disbelief.


But having assessed his unwavering plea and tears, she takes him seriously. To herself, she says, “Am I really ready for marriage?” And to Ken, she says, “Are you really ready for marriage?”
“Yes,” Ken says. “I have been waiting for this day all my adult life.”
“But why, why me?”
“Because I hurt you,” his voice is sober. 
“Hmm, so you now want to use marriage to heal the wound?” asks Natasha. “Well, don’t bother, I am no longer hurt. I have used the sperm of men to treat the wound and wiped away my tears. Now, it’s me ready to hurt someone. Please, don’t make yourself that someone.” She stands to go, but Ken pulls her back.


“Please”, he pleads. “I’m forty-five, and I have not been able to find a wife. I am…I mean…. The Holy Ghost ministered to me two years ago that unless I marry the one I hurt a long time ago, the first woman I had sex with….I…in fact, He said that’s the person am supposed to marry. Please…” Natasha giggles. “Really?” 
“I’m not joking, and I am ready to marry you.”
“You want to marry me because a ghost sent you, or because you love me, which one?” Natasha sits back?
“Don’t talk like that. He is not a ghost.” Ken forces a smile. “He is…”
“You said ghost just now? That’s a disembodied person. That’s what I understand as ghost, holy or not.”
“Okay, I meant, the Holy Spirit.”
“Well, I know,” Natasha says. “I just don’t like it when people mix their feelings for someone with God’s instruction. Or don’t you have feelings for me? Don’t you love me?”

“I do, but…”
“Shut up,” Natasha’s face is now so close to Ken’s that he feels a kiss is coming to his lips. He makes his mouth ready, but she pulls away. She smiles “You see, Pastor Ken. You find me attractive, you imagine your holy hands rubbing my breasts, and your lips locked up in mine. Is that how the Holy Ghost, no, Spirit makes you feel?”
“Stop it, God sees my heart.” Ken almost shouts. 
“And He sees your dick too,” Natasha shouts back, touching the flap of his trousers. He quickly stands. Natasha giggles. “Now, I really want to get laid. Do you want a fellatio?”
“I want to marry you,” Ken says and kneels down again.


Natasha’s phone rings. It is the Army General. She picks and puts it on speaker. The General says he misses her and needs to see her urgently.

“Now, I am wet, will you do or I go do it somewhere?” her voice is romantic, soft and seductive.
“I want you to stop all these, Adesuwa.” Ken says poignantly.
“Natasha,” she corrects. “Natasha Peters.”
Ken only nods.
“Okay, I’ve heard you.” Natasha smiles. “But the truth is, can you sexually satisfy me? I love SEX”
“I am very potent,” Ken replies.
“I didn’t ask if you can make babies.” She takes her face so close again, touching his nose with hers. “Can you swim in my pussy without drowning, for as long as I want, until I’m glorified as a woman?”

Ken shakes his head, grins and then nods his head. “I am perfectly capable of anything. You can remember when…”
“…When you raped me as a little girl. So you enjoyed it? I didn’t. The pain was unbearable for me, yet you kept pushing in, tearing every cover I had. Even with blood all over, you were still thrusting, you bastard….” She begins to cry.


Ken holds her firmly. She rests her head on his shoulder sobbing after hitting his back hard twice and then softly. “I hate you, Uncle Ken, oh, how I also looked for you some years after then.”
“I am so sorry, baby. Now I am here to make it up to you. Marry me.”
“Sex me, Ken.” Natasha moans. “Do it now or get out of here.”
“I can’t, am sorry.”
“You can.”
“I can’t. Will you marry me.”
“If only I know how big your dick is.”
“Please, Adesuwa.”
“Please, Ken,” she leaves him and starts to pull off her clothes.
“Don’t, Please.”
“So why are you alone with a sexy woman in a lonely place? Just to propose and leave?”

“I won’t do anything with you until we are married,” Ken says sternly.
“And what if I then find out your dick is an earthworm? You think I would stay?”
“That won’t ever happen,” he says and watches as she massages her breasts.
“My boobs are soft, my nipples so hard. Touch it.” She moves closer to him. Her phone rings again. She ignores it, and then she puts her fingers into her pants, rubs them on her clitoris for a while and brings them out.

“See, I’m wet, very wet.” She moves swiftly towards him. Ken runs out and slams the door behind him. Natasha stands in shock.
“What? Is that a son of Adam at all?” She turns to her clothes, wondering how fast everything had left her body without any effort from the man.  She takes her wet fingers to her nostrils and “smells” the thick substance from her punani. She twists her nose. Vanillafading off.
“I will marry him,” she whispers. “God, this is a real God-fearing man.” She bends to pick her pants and she wears them.

“I will marry him.” She says again, softly. There is some noise at the door but she doesn’t look. She is weeping again. Hope he comes to ask again.


She bends to pick her bra, delaying in getting up; two hands grab her breasts from behind. She freezes but tries to look back but his tongue is already on her right earlobe.  The scent and the heat around her are similar to those she had just felt when her lips got close enough.

“I’m really sorry,” the voice is salaciously inviting. Her neck now feels the caressing of his tongue. The effect is irresistible. “Oh, Ken.”
“I will do it,” he says, loosening and dropping down his belt with one hand. “For you.”
“Aw, Ken…” she cries softly.
Ken brings out his dick and from behind sees the whole to put it. He is shaky, sweating, moaning,… fully ready.


“Help me,” he cries. Then she brings her hand behind and grabs his manhood. She rubs the wet tip of it lovingly and then sets it in her elastic sex organ, and both of them jerk in response, savouring the pleasure that comes with the process of penetration. But then, she stops, releases his dick and turns to face him. He is in shock, his mouth open, his hands stretched towards her, eager, demanding and…

Natasha quickly wears her clothes and begins to leave the room. At the door, she turns back with a smile.
“You don’t have to do it, I will marry you.” Ken’s mouth remains open, feeling like a fool as she leaves and shuts the door. His semen slowly drops on the floor from his still erect manhood.


-----------------TO BE CONT'D------------

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