The Sexcapade Of Natasha - 20

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“What about you doing it to me this time?” “Huh? Lai-lai…” “Suck me” Natasha pleads and pushes him on the bed. “Dirty thing.” “It’s cleaner than your mouth” “How?” “Come

By Emdee David


Cynthia and her lover are sitting on a couch, in the man’s house. It is Friday afternoon; break time at work, but this love-struck fellow has no intention of going back to the office this afternoon. After all, it’s Friday, and it’s half-working-day, especially for government workers.  He is no government worker, but he is certain his boss won’t be in the office all day either. So he relaxes as he drinks from the glass of juice on a glass stool in front of Cynthia. As he bends to pick the glass, a reflection of red-flesh on the shiny stool catches his attention. It also catches the attention of the little man under his pants, and he smiles. Cynthia’s laps are wide open as she sits on the rugged floor.

“So, Cynthia,” he says, and laughs again before continuing. “So you came all the way from Kado Estate without wearing your undies?”

“Bros, that place needs breeze abeg,” Cynthia replies, sipping her Amarular cream drink. He laughs again as she continues. “And I wanted to make it easy for you, in case you rush me the way you did last time. Wow, it was really very funny, making love at the staircase.”
“It was funny, never done it with anyone like that. I got so impatient, especially with all your boobs greeting me when I just opened the door.”


“Naughty you,” she says. “And what else got you crazy that day?”

“Still on the stairs?” he asks and she nods, pulling her top off. Her bra only covers her dark nipples, all other parts are bare. He pretends to look away and says “Hmmm, well, I guess the way you suck me, mehnnn!  Your mouth is another vagina o. It drove me crazy.”
“Ohhhh, yeah. And I can’t wait to experience that again, that’s why I am not going back to work….I will finish my work here.” Then he zips down.
“And I also can’t wait to be driven crazy by your flattering tongue on my clits.”
“I wish I can, baby.”
“Why can’t you?”
“But you know what we…”
“Cut it, Andy.” Cynthia shouts and gets up. She raises her miniskirts with the tips of her fingers and positions herself directly in front of his mouth as he squats. “I see no reason why you can’t suck me when I unshamefully do it to you, and you go crazy. I wanna go mad too. Suck me.” She pushes forward, almost touching his mouth with it.
“Please, Cynthia, it has not come to that,” Andy says softly. He then stands to meet her, trying to kiss her. She slaps him, hard enough to push his head away, and leaves his mouth agape, in shock and wonderment.
“But we both agreed until…” he stops as he saw her frown.


“…Until this toilet infection goes off completely. And the smell is…”
“Shut up, the smell is…still there but you happily thrust your eczema infested dick into it.” Cynthia starts to cry.
“Baby, you don’t need to cry,” he says, still holding his palm on his slapped cheek. “It’s a matter of talking it over.”
“No,” she cries. “It’s a matter of sucking it; Nothing to talk about. And if your mouth can’t go there, your dick shouldn’t either.” She collapses on the bed. Andy only stares.
“But you know with my dick I use a condom, so…” his voice is low.
“So get a mouth condom.” Her voice is loud. “It’s either you suck me or I get out of here, right now. How do I know if you don’t also have the toilet infection? Or you think men don’t have it too?”
“Oh, I am sorry,” he apologizes and attempts a smile. Cynthia is not laughing. All she does is raise up her skirt up again, revealing all her private part, a message Andy gets without a doubt.

“But you need to take your bath first,” Andy says. “Let’s go to the bathroom.”
“No,” Cynthia retorted. “Suck me first. I will only go to that bathroom to wash off the bacteria from your mouth.”
“You are just being unreasonable. I brush twice daily, my mouth is clean.”
“And I wash six times daily…”

“But you women urinate too frequently, outside your home, and that’s….”
“And we wash, or at least wipe with tissue each time, but you men urinate anywhere, anytime, without cleaning. You only shake, shake, and shake it, and no matter how you shake it, the last drop of that urine belongs to your boxer and the stink? Ohhhhh….” She wrinkles her nose. Andy is angry but laughing. Staring at her increases his erection, and impatience. She smiles and widens her laps the more, fingering her clitoris and twisting on the bed seductively. He bends to meet her on the bed, his mouth attempting a kiss. She kisses him briefly and then pushes his head down.  

Andy’s tongue is all over her clitoris while his hands stroke her nipples. She is full of pleasure as noticed from the sounds she makes. “Yes, baby, do it, yes, yes, yes….ohhhhhh.”


Natasha is looking out the window of a hotel room, pants down. The army General, also naked behind her, is staring at her backside.
“My Queen…why are you doing this to me?” the general says.
“I am sorry,” Natasha says, and turns to face him. “I am really sorry, but…”
“But if you knew we are not going to resume, why did you agree to come at all?” his voice is somewhat authoritative. “Why?!” he shouted sternly. Natasha gets scared.
“I am getting married,” she announces. The soldier’s countenance softens, then he laughs.
“I am serious.”
“So, no more…you know.”
Natasha nods and smiles. She then moves to him and caresses his face to pacify him.
“I am sure you can always find any kind of woman you want. I am sorry.”
“Hmm,” he coughs. “So…, well, can’t believe this, but if it’s true…”
“It’s really a hard decision for me, but I have to. My husband is a pastor.”
“Kai, you getting married to a pastor?” he asks, rhetorically. Natasha nods again, lovingly, and then says, “I feel horny, right now. I have really missed you, but…I can’t”
“So, nothing for me?”
“Nothing, my honey-pie. But I am sure you will be okay.” She rubs her fingers on his chest.
“Not even…a…em…some…what did you call it the other day….feeding…”
“Feeding bottle?” she says and laughs. ”Okay” she grabs his penis and bends down to suck it. “No,” she suddenly exclaims and gets up.
“What about you doing it to me this time?”
“Huh? Lai-lai…
“Suck me” Natasha pleads and pushes him on the bed.
“Dirty thing.”
“It’s cleaner than your mouth”
“Come over, I will show you how,” she beckons with her middle finger, and he obliges.
Natasha takes her phone from her bag and opens some saved information. The soldier begins to read:
“THE VAGINA IS CLEANER THAN THE MOUTH…It has its own mechanism and self-regulatory system that keeps it in check every now and then…The vagina is full of good bacteria known as lactobacilli that constantly fight infections and keep it in good condition…” he pauses, raises his head to look at Natasha whose hand is busy robbing the tip of his dick. “Really?” Natasha just smiles. “Read on,” she says.
“Even vaginal discharge is not dirty. It is made of water, albumin, cells and mucin (an oily substance that gives it the slippery feel). Hence a discharge is not a toxic substance” he pauses again. “And what about that pungent smell?”
“Very normal,” she says.
“And the menstrual blood?”
“Very clean, and contains no germ…read further.”
“No, that blood is both physically and spiritually unclean. That I know very well.” He drops the phone, enjoying her hands on his manhood. Then she stops.
“It’s Ph., it’s neutral, neither acidic nor alkaline, between 6.5-8.2,” she says a bit louder.
“It may even cure your mouth odor, so get down there.” She shouts, touches his nipples and then directs his head towards her thighs.
“Gentle, please.” The General whispers and begins to lick her juicy genitalia.
“Good boy,” she whispers. And then she remembers late GM, the unfortunate good boy.

-----------------TO BE CONT'D------------


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