The Sexcapade Of Natasha - 22

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Yes, Natasha's wedding plan is on going....and Cynthia, her bossom friend gets jealous and wants to marry too. There are many men in her life but none seems to be a husband material....But she must pi

By Emdee David


Natasha stands face-to-face with a middle-aged pretty woman whose face and long Victorian old gown speaks of a dearth of care and attention. That could have been out of poverty or some lack, but Natasha knows very well that the husband of this woman has a well-paying job. Another thing she is sure about is that the husband is not stingy, both penny-wise and penis-wise. Her conclusion is then that this woman has chosen to be a good believer and a bad “receiver.”


“Who are you?” the woman, putting back an ATM card into a black purse, asks in well-spoken English. But to the intruder before her, that isn’t what she should be asking for.

“You mean, why am I standing in your way?” Natasha corrects. “Why do I ask to talk to you?”

The woman nods, looking around as people are going in and out of the Shopping Mall behind them.
“Well, I just wanted to say hi?” says Natasha.
“Oh,” the woman puts up a little smile. “Thanks…and God bless you.” She tries to leave.


“And to ask you a question,” adds Natasha. The woman stops, wondering; then she checks her purse and inserts it into the Chanel handbag on her shoulder

“What’s it?”


“Em, have you ever been fired?”

“Fired? No, well, resigned from the Bank, back then in Lagos, but…”

“I mean, not at work,… em, sexually fired?”

The woman chuckles, her face displaying disgust and then a brief friendliness.

“Especially in a public toilet,” Natasha adds. The woman’s face goes completely furrowed.

“Excuse me, please?” She pushes her way through, but Natasha holds her at the elbow and gives her a reassuring smile. “Please, lady…woman…” the woman says, irritated.


“I’m so sorry,” Natasha apologizes. “But when you get home, tell your husband to fire you in the toilet…maybe not a public one, your house toilet. God bless you, madam.”

Natasha leaves the woman in shock and looking surreal in front of the Shopping Mall in Wuse 2.

Andy decides to invite Dickson, his good friend, and another friend of Cynthia’s to a very private outing to mark Cynthia’s birthday. After a few drinks and small talks over chicken suya, fish barbecue and wine, Andy signals to Vera, Cynthia’s friends who brings out a box of small cake with seven candles. They all wish Cynthia a “Happy Birthday” and then she is requested to blow-off the lit candles and make a wish. Cynthia stares at the candle with tipsy eyes and in one swoop, puts off the candle lights.


“What’s your wish nah,” Vera reminds her friend.

“Oh, I…wish…wish…to…be….”

“Married,” Vera suggests in a whisper. Andy stares at her, surprised.



Andy laughs hysterically, in an attempt to conceal his shock. Vera is silent, having no idea what that meant. Dickson’s mouth is agape, wondering, does she expect that tonight, when her boyfriend is here?

“Well,” Andy tries to save the situation. He brings out a navy blue jewelry box with a silver line around it. He opens it and shows Cynthia an engagement ring. Vera’s both hands cover her mouth, flabbergasted. “Oh my God,” she gasps.

“Will you marry me?” asks Andy, on his knees. Cynthia’s eyes are wet.

You wanna marry a harlot? Dickson, thinks. Vera is already nodding on behalf of Cynthia, giving her signs with her eye brows. Cynthia looks around, glares at Dickson’s blank face.

“Yes, Yes, Yes,” says Cynthia and jumps at Andy who stands to grab her in jubilation. Vera jumps to hug them both. Dickson only smiles and then excuses himself to the toilet. The DJ behind the console plays, “African Queen” by 2Face Idibia and the about-to-weds enjoy the moment in the arms of themselves.


Cynthia’s phone rings, several times before she picks. “Hello…where are you…” she says into the phone. “Your wife? No, never told her anything, why would I…hahaha. Well, yeah, I don’t care what date you know, today is my birthday….and….I am getting married……and, y-e-s-s-s-s-s, I wanna get fired…tonight… in a private…toilet…and not by you….better get out of there….”

The line goes off.


“Who was that?” Andy asks as the waiter returns with another bottle of Baileys.

“Baby, make love to me…now.” Cynthia says to Andy while she kisses him.


“Take me home.”


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